Hollywood Nutcrackers
Hollywood NutcrackersHollywood Nutcrackers™ is a collection of whimsical nutcrackers that are designed by renowned artist Holly Adler. Holly, who designs exclusively for our company, has been working with Kurt Adler for over 25 years. The collection features an assortment of characters including Christmas, fantasy and everyday nutcrackers.

The Christmas Hollywood Nutcrackers™ are adorned with everything we love about the holiday. Red and white candies decorate their coats, mischievous snowmen peak out from their hats, and each nutcracker brings with him the feeling of Christmas cheer.

With everyday and fantasy designs ranging from golfers and fishermen to pirates and magicians, Hollywood Nutcrackers™ make the perfect gift for every occasion.

In addition to Hollywood Nutcrackers™, we also carry Holly Adler collections such as Holly Bearies, Holly Dearies, Holly Families, Holly Occupations and Holly Sports.