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Boy Scouts Of America Boy Scout Tent Ornament For Personalization

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The Boy Scouts of America Boy Scout Tent Ornament for Personalization is a special and customizable holiday decoration that pays tribute to the rich tradition of scouting and the adventures of the Boy Scouts of America. This ornament features a miniature tent design, reminiscent of the iconic camping experiences that are an integral part of scouting. The ornament showcases a charming tent that is adorned with intricate details to capture the essence of camping in the great outdoors. What sets this ornament apart is the option for personalization, allowing you to add a scout's name, troop number, a special message, or a memorable year. This personal touch makes it a cherished keepsake for scouts, leaders, and their families. Including this ornament in your holiday decor not only celebrates scouting and outdoor adventures but also adds a touch of personalization and sentimentality to your celebrations. Its charming design, scouting motif, and personalization option create an atmosphere of camaraderie and appreciation for the scouting experience, making it a cherished and meaningful part of your holiday festivities. Read more
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Polybag With Rat Tail
  • Officially licensed Boy Scouts of America ornament
  • Materials: Resin 90%, Pain/Mica 10%
  • Can be personalized
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