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Dinosaur Chicken Nugget Ornaments, 6 Assorted

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These Dinosaur Chicken Nugget Ornaments from Kurt Adler are a playful and quirky assortment that brings together two unlikely yet amusing elements: dinosaurs and chicken nuggets. This assortment features miniature dinosaur figurines with chicken nugget-inspired designs. Each ornament showcases the comical fusion of prehistoric creatures and beloved fast-food treats, adding a touch of humor and lightheartedness to your holiday decor. These ornaments are perfect for those with a sense of humor and a taste for the unconventional, or anyone who simply wants to create a festive atmosphere filled with laughter and joy. They embody the spirit of fun, whimsy, and the pleasure of adorning your tree with a touch of unexpected delight. As you hang these ornaments on your Christmas tree, they become a reminder of the joyful and unconventional moments of the holiday season, evoking laughter and the simple pleasure of holiday traditions and invite you to celebrate the magic of the season with a playful and humorous tribute to the unexpected. Place these ornaments with care and let them fill your home with the light-hearted and comical ambiance of the holiday season, adding a touch of quirky fun and festive charm to your holiday traditions. Read more
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Polybag With Rat Tail
  • Materials: 100% Resin
  • Assortment of 6 ornaments
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