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Flocked Squirrel With Loop Ornaments

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This Flocked Squirrel With Loop Ornament from Kurt Adler are a delightful and nature-inspired addition that brings the spirit of forest wonder and winter beauty to your Christmas tree. This ornament captures the essence of squirrel. and its loop allow for easy hanging on your Christmas tree. The combination of flocked texture and rustic charm makes them perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the serene ambiance of a winter wonderland. They can be hung from your Christmas tree, used to embellish a wreath, or incorporated into your holiday decor in various creative ways. These ornaments are perfect for those who want to infuse their holiday decor with a sense of winter enchantment, woodland beauty, and the calmness of the holiday season, or simply wish to create a natural and serene atmosphere for family and friends. They embody the spirit of outdoor adventures, simplicity, and the pleasure of adorning your home with a touch of holiday magic. As you hang these ornaments on your Christmas tree, they become a reminder of the peaceful and heartwarming moments of the holiday season, evoking the beauty of squirrels in a winter wonderland and the simple charm of holiday traditions, inviting you to celebrate the magic of the season with a rustic and serene tribute to the spirit of Christmas Read more
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  • Materials: Resin 80%, Polyester 20%
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