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80MM Shatterproof Clear Iridescent Blue Ball Ornaments, 6-Piece Box

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These 80MM Shatterproof Clear Iridescent Blue Ball Ornaments from Kurt Adler, available in a set of 6, are a dazzling and festive addition to your holiday decorations. These ornaments are designed to bring a touch of elegance and shimmer to your Christmas tree or any holiday display. Crafted with care, the ornaments feature a clear, shatterproof material that ensures durability and safety, making them ideal for households with pets or young children. The iridescent blue color adds a magical and sophisticated flair, reflecting and refracting light to create a captivating display. With a diameter of 80MM, these ornaments are large enough to make a statement while still allowing for versatile placement on your tree. The classic ball shape and clear design with an iridescent blue finish make them suitable for a variety of decorating styles, from traditional to contemporary. Packaged in a set of 6, these ornaments provide an easy and cohesive way to enhance your holiday decor. Hang them on your tree, mix them with other ornaments, or use them in wreaths and garlands to create a cohesive and festive look throughout your home. Elevate your holiday decorating with these ornaments, bringing a touch of sparkle and sophistication to your festive celebrations. Read more
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Item Size
Acetate Box
  • Materials: Plastic 100%
  • 80MM=3.15"
  • 6-piece box
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