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80MM Shatterproof Iridescent Concave Diamond Ball Ornaments, 4-Piece Box

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These 80MM Shatterproof Iridescent Concave Diamond Ball Ornaments from Kurt Adler, available in a box set of four, are a stunning addition to your holiday decor, designed to catch and reflect the light in a captivating and elegant manner. These ball ornaments feature a concave diamond pattern that adds a touch of sophistication and a unique texture to your Christmas tree. The iridescent finish creates a shimmering and prismatic effect as they catch the light. Made from shatterproof material, they offer the beauty of glass ornaments without the risk of breakage, making them safe and durable. These ornaments are perfect for those who appreciate the elegance and timeless elements of holiday traditions. They can be used to adorn your Christmas tree or incorporated into various holiday displays to add a touch of refined beauty to your decor. As you hang these ornaments on your tree, they become symbols of the enchanting and elegant moments of the holiday season, evoking the beauty of sparkling diamonds and the simple charm of festive decorations, inviting you to celebrate the magic of the season with a touch of sophistication and timeless beauty. Display them with pride, and let them grace your tree with their captivating and iridescent glow, adding a touch of holiday magic and refined elegance to your festive celebrations. Read more
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Item Size
Acetate Box
  • Materials: Plastic 100%
  • 4-Piece box
  • 80MM = 3.15"
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