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Battery Operated Musical, Dancing & Rocking Elf

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Kurt Adler's Battery Operated Musical, Dancing & Rocking Elf is a delightful and entertaining addition that will have everyone in the holiday spirit. This unique holiday decoration features an adorable and lively elf figurine, complete with a festive attire and a cheerful expression. What sets this elf apart is its ability to dance and rock to the melody it plays, creating a joyful and animated display that's sure to bring smiles to your face. It is designed with meticulous attention to detail, from the elf's attire to its animated movements. It is equipped with a battery compartment and a control switch, allowing you to activate the music and motion for a festive and entertaining experience. This musical and dancing elf is perfect for those who want to infuse their holiday decor with a sense of playfulness, entertainment, and the joy of music and motion, or simply wish to create a lively and festive atmosphere for family and friends. It embodies the spirit of holiday merriment, laughter, and the pleasure of celebrating the season with a touch of holiday magic. As you place this delightful elf in your home, it becomes a reminder of the joyful and heartwarming moments of the holiday season, evoking the magic of holiday festivities and the simple delight of holiday traditions. Set up this lively elf with care, and let it fill your home with the spirited and cheerful ambiance of the holiday season, adding a touch of holiday laughter and festive entertainment to your holiday celebrations. Read more
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Power Source
Battery Operated
Motion, Musical
  • Materials: Polyester 60%, Plastic 40%
  • Tune: "Merry Christmas"
  • Uses 3 "AA" batteries (not included)
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