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Lollipop Pick

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The Styrofoam Lollipop Pick is a delightful and whimsical decorative accessory that brings a touch of fun and color to various creative projects and displays. This lightweight and versatile piece is commonly used for crafting, party decorations, and seasonal arrangements. Measuring 21 inches in length, this pink and white swirl lollipop with colored sprinkle accents features a spherical shape with a pink ribbon bow. This foam lollipop shape serves as a base for a variety of creative endeavors. It's can be used for attaching decorative elements, such as ribbons, fabric, paper, or small ornaments, which transform the simple foam ball into a personalized and eye-catching decoration. The lollipop pick has a sturdy stick attached to the bottom of the foam shape, allowing it to be easily inserted into various materials like floral foam, vases, or other craft projects. This stick ensures stability while also making it convenient to incorporate the lollipop pick into different displays. Its lightweight and versatile nature makes it easy to work with, allowing you to explore a variety of decorative possibilities. From festive holiday displays to whimsical party decorations, the Styrofoam Lollipop Pick adds a unique and personalized touch that elevates your creations and brings a sense of fun and joy to your decorations and crafts. Read more
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Polybag With Rat Tail
  • Materials: Styrofoam 80%, Cloth 10%, Metal 10%
  • Design allows for multiple uses
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