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Wooden Ship Ornament, 2 Assorted

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Kurt Adler's Wooden Ship Ornaments are nautical-inspired and rustic holiday decorations that infuse your festive decor with the timeless charm of seafaring adventures. These ornaments depict wooden ships, each with its unique design, evoking the spirit of the open sea and maritime exploration. These ornaments capture the essence of the sea with their nautical designs. They often feature details like sails, masts, and anchor motifs, embracing the maritime theme. True to their rustic appeal, these ornaments are crafted from wood or wood-like materials. The wooden texture adds warmth and authenticity to their design. Whether you have a coastal-themed holiday decor, live near the ocean, or simply appreciate the allure of the sea, these ornaments bring a touch of maritime charm to your celebrations. These ornaments are perfect for individuals who want to embrace a coastal or nautical theme in their holiday decor or those who have a deep appreciation for seafaring traditions. Whether you're decorating a beachside retreat or adding a touch of maritime nostalgia to your inland home, Wooden Ship Ornaments offer a rustic and charming way to celebrate the holiday season with a nod to the open sea and the adventures it holds. Read more
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Polybag With Rat Tail
  • Materials: Wood Solid 95%, Plastic 5%
  • Assortment of 2 ornaments
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