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10.5" Multicolor Ball Treetop

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Kurt Adler's10.5" Multicolor Ball Treetop is a vibrant and eye-catching addition to your holiday decor, designed to make a bold statement as the crowning jewel of your Christmas tree. This treetop features a round ball design adorned with multicolor accents, adding a playful and festive touch to your tree. With its colorful appeal, it's perfect for those who want to infuse their holiday decor with a sense of cheer and merriment. While this treetop is unlit, you can add your own string lights to create a warm and inviting glow at the top of your tree. It's ideal for those who appreciate the joyful and heartwarming elements of holiday traditions. As you place this treetop at the pinnacle of your Christmas tree, it becomes a symbol of the heartwarming moments of the holiday season, evoking the joy of the colorful ornaments and the simple charm of festive decorations, inviting you to celebrate the magic of the season with a vibrant and joyful tribute to the spirit of Christmas. Display this treetop with pride, and let it shine atop your tree, adding a touch of holiday magic and festive beauty to your festive celebrations. Read more
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Polybag With Rat Tail
  • Materials: Metal 85%. Styrofoam 15%
  • Unlit
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