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Pizza Ornaments, 2 Assorted

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Kurt Adler's Pizza Ornaments are fun and quirky holiday decorations that celebrate everyone's favorite Italian dish. These ornaments feature miniature pizza designs that capture the essence of this beloved comfort food, adding a playful and lighthearted touch to your festive decor. Each assortment includes a Pepperoni Pizza and a Margherita Pizza, showcasing the various toppings of each. These ornaments have realistic details, such as cheese, pepperoni, basil, and sauce, to create an authentic pizza appearance. The design of these ornaments is whimsical and evokes the joy of pizza nights and comfort food. They are perfect for food enthusiasts, pizza connoisseurs, or anyone who enjoys the cheesy and delicious nature of pizza. A delicate string is thoughtfully attached to each ornament, allowing them to be easily hung from Christmas tree branches, displayed on a mantle, or integrated into a holiday centerpiece. Their size and design make them versatile additions to various decor styles, whether you have a culinary-themed decor or simply want to add a touch of pizza-loving fun to your holiday display. Read more
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Polybag With Rat Tail
  • Materials: 100% Resin
  • Assortment of 2 ornaments
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