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Noble Gems™ Glass Gummy Bear Ornaments, 6-Piece Set

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This Noble Gems™ Glass Gummy Bear Ornaments, 6-Piece Set from Kurt Adler, is a whimsical and sweet addition to your holiday decorations. These ornaments are part of the Noble Gems™ collection, known for its high-quality and intricate glass ornaments that add charm and character to your Christmas tree or seasonal decor. This set includes six glass gummy bear ornaments, each one designed to resemble a colorful and delectable gummy bear candy. These ornaments come in various vibrant colors, just like the real candies, and they feature intricate details such as translucent and textured surfaces to mimic the appearance of actual gummy bears. These gummy bear ornaments are perfect for hanging on your Christmas tree branches or using as decorative accents in other holiday displays. They add a playful and lighthearted touch to your holiday decor, making them suitable for children and those with a sweet tooth. These ornaments are a delightful choice for creating a whimsical and candy-themed holiday atmosphere and are an ideal option for those who want to infuse their holiday decorations with a sense of sweetness and nostalgia. These glass ornaments are not only beautifully crafted but also capture the joy and playfulness of the holiday season, making them a fun and charming addition to your festive celebrations. Read more
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  • Part of the Kurt Adler Noble Gems™ collection
  • Materials: Glass 95%, Paint/Mica 5%
  • 6-Piece set
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